Help I Broke My Laptop Screen!

Broken-laptop-screen-repairWhile on my recent trip to Perth, the inevitable happened… I smashed my laptop screen! The evolving nature of gadgets such as laptops, desktops, tablets makes it difficult for users like myself to keep them intact!

Handling or Working on a laptop is far more convenient than handling or working on a desktop however the very mobile nature of laptop makes it very much vulnerable to damage especially the laptop screen.

The Laptop screen is the most fragile and delicate part. A broken screen or malfunctioning screen are the most common problems that users encounter was told by my local laptop repair specialist in Perth. Apparently these problems mostly happens because of:

  • Bumped or dropped off or banged against something
  • Quickly closing the lid with force
  • Placing some heavy object on top of the lid
  • Poor handling (Yup that’s me!)

The 3 most important components of laptop screen repair are: backlight, display and the inverter board.

In such situations, users generally have two choices. Either to buy a new device or get the old one repaired by replacing a laptop screen. The cost of replacing a laptop screen is only a fraction of the cost of a new laptop. At times, it is not even required to replace the screen fully, only minor repairs can make it function and you may not require a full screen replacement.

If your device is under a warranty and if the reason for the damage is covered under warranty (accidental damage are mostly not covered under warranty), it is recommended to send it to the service centre and get it done for free however in this case you might need to wait for quite some time say around one to two weeks. If it is not under a warranty or the damage reason is not covered warranty, it is strictly recommended to get it done by professionals. Only a professional will be able to tell you the exact root cause of the problem and will be able to repair it.

Most users try to fix the screen by themselves with the help of some online tutorials however it is not at all recommended. The reason being that the laptop screen is very delicate and it contains many small fragile parts; also it is very difficult to remove laptop screen and needs to be handled with a lot of care. Replacing a laptop screen is a far trickier than a desktop repair and if you commit any mistake, you could end up damaging it beyond repair.

Replacing a laptop screen can be done at a lost cost and it is easy to install however if we take following few safety measures while handing the laptop screen; our screens will remain as good as a new screen and it will also save our money and precious time.

1) Always hold your device from the base and not by the screen

2) Ensure that nothing is on the keyboard while closing the screen.

3) Do not keep any food items (especially liquids) near the device.

4) Keep your laptop away from excessive hot or cold temperatures or dynamic temperature changing environment.

5) Always close the laptop lid gently and avoid pointing or touching the screen as it can break electrical connections.

6) As far as possible, please keep your laptop on a clean and flat place.

7) Get your device internally cleaned once in 6 months by a professional and always use screen cleaner as advised by the professionals.

8) Do not place any heavy object or apply pressure on top of the laptop lid.

9) Always use correct-sized laptop bag when carrying your laptop outside the house. It will prevent against scratches and other such damages.

10) Get an antivirus software program installed on your laptop prior to its use.

Harley Davidson’s Live Wire Tour Coming To London!

Harley-Davidson_Project_LiveWire-820x420Harley Davidson’s Live Wire Tour is all set to come alive in US and Europe including London. According to the latest news that has been doing rounds, Harley Davidson is to come up with 30 US cities initially, even though the sources claim that it might include some more cities in US. Even though the Project LiveWire is not for sale, it is designed to get right across the rider expectation from Harley Davidson electric motorcycle. The Live Wire project is to hit the US cities soon where selected and few lucky consumers will be able to ride on these bikes. 

The 30 cities tour will also spread across Canada and Europe.That’s not all, they will also be able to provide feedback of their experience. As per the news sources, this movement is one the biggest landmarks in the history of Harley Davidson electric motorcycle and is also an exciting consumer based movement. For all those who are eager know what special about it, the sources claim it is a perfect blend of the company’s styling and latest technology. In fact, it something that looks and feels special. Coming back to its availability, well it depends on the rider’s feedback. 

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Mortal Kombat X Announced!

mortal-kombat-x-reviewI suppose it goes without saying that the up and coming Mortal Kombax X game has been in the making for years! That’s right baby the fatalities are back! Over the last couple of weeks the one of the games co-creators, Ed Boon, has been toying with us, and only finally revealing the official name a couple of days ago. Now with the awesome power of nex-gen tech, we’ll be able to bust out the most intense visceral fighting moves of any game in history! Apparently the development team has been working their asses off with new game modes, new characters and a brand spanking new graphics engine. It’s coming out for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. However won’t know what to expect until we get some actual gameplay.

There is a teaser trailer that was just released on you tube that shows scorpion and sub-zero kicking the crap out of one another! While it did evoke classic memories of scorpion impaling his enemies and roaring “Get over here!” I would have loved to have seen more characters. It doesn’t really show us anything and it doesn’t offer much. The trailer only legitimizes the game itself which is coming out in 2015 Q4 . But good news, Ed boon did announce that we’ll find out a good portion PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 fighter’s rosters by being unmasked at E3 2014 next week. Two new warriors will also be coming into the bloodthirsty battle as well. He also did leak that the convention will play host to details, which picks up right after the previous game. And he’s bringing down some fighting gameplay footage just like in the other new mortal kombat game! The word is that this might be appearing sony’s press conference, but nothing is for certain. I guess we’ll have to stalk his twitter account. Or keep hunting on social media.

Apparently, we’re getting a new fully synced social experience. Where we are launched into the middle of a stat driven online fighting contest, where every single encounter is a worldwide battle for fame supremacy. And for the first time ever in the franchise, Mortal Kombat X will give players the newly developed ability to make a choice from multiple variations of every single character. Which means tweaking both your strategy and fighting skills on the fly. It’s definitely going to be more exciting since we’ll be able to step into brand new original stories that enable the most prolific players to be showcased in the game. The rumor is Lord Raiden is coming out, bring the thunder I say!

I’m hoping that we at least get a guest character. As it would be a much appreciated addition. Fresh challengers would certainly spark up new interest among the fans that have been in the fighting trenches since the beginning. Even after more than two decades of playing Mortal Kombat; twenty two years to be exact. My fighting fingers are still going strong. And I personally cannot wait to kick some ass! If sales do really well, we might get lucky and get a movie soon. It would be about time, I mean jeez how long has it been? I’m pre ordering my copy, now. check out the full mortal kombat x review from my friends at MCX if you’d like to get some more juicy details.

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